MLB Players Getting Their Own ‘The Walking Dead’ Lucille Bat Is The Hottest Spring Training Trend

02.20.17 2 years ago

The Walking Dead is basically the most popular show on television, if not the most popular thing in the world on any given week. And if you’re going to be the hottest thing ever and sport a mainstream smash character like Negan, who wields a barbed wire baseball bat, why not cash in on the other hot trend among the youth: Baseball!

In a cross-promotional situation, the AMC show has sent this barbed wire bat — Lucille, as many show experts will tell you is the name of the bat — to baseball players at spring training. And it was absolutely a smash hit, as far as they were concerned. Look how excited Salvador Perez is!

J.D. Martinez of the Detroit Tigers was a little more excited about opening the box and holding the bat.

Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros got one too.

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