07.21.09 9 years ago 14 Comments

The President of the United States supposedly upset the MLB brass by wearing a Chicago White Sox jacket when throwing the first pitch at the All-Star Game last weekend. And all I can say is that whatever pisses off stodgy, white baseball owners is good for America.

[Obama senior advisor David] Axelrod said he had a long talk with Obama before the game because some Major League Baseball executives weren’t happy about the decision.

“There was a big controversy,” he said. “I think Major League Baseball wanted him to wear the All-Star jacket, and he was intent on wearing his White Sox jacket. He prevailed in that. The thing I will say about him — I’ll give him this — he’s not a Cub-hater. He will allow that he wants the Cubs to do well. It’s just that between the two of them, he prefers the White Sox. via.

I think most fans appreciated the fact that Barack Obama stuck with his team, whether or not those people were Sox fans themselves. Now if we could just do something about those jeans. via.

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