MM: I Think He’s Compensating…

05.17.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

If Dick Cheney rolled up the sports page and then shot you in the face with it, it still wouldn’t have the same bite as the Morning Meat. Send tips to and follow WL and Josh on Twitter. Above vid via @JerodMSF.

  • It’s a history of the wet T-shirt contest. May God bless our horny forefathers.


  • Everything you wanted to know about beer from the Sudan, but were afraid to ask. Spoiler alert: it tastes better than PBR.

    Short Sentences.

  • A time-lapse video of that volcano in Iceland.


  • Alice Hawkins was going to make you some muffins, but she got took pictures of this woman that got tied up [click to enlarge].


  • “WWE Raw” is “commercial-free” tonight. Bret Hart is taking on The Miz for the US Title. I can’t decide which I hate more: The Miz or the fact that WWE has a “US Title.”

    PWTorch, Camel Clutch Blog.

  • How realizing that your future bosses are bored and vain could get you a job.

    AdWeek, via @BDomenech.

  • The six types of coaches in America.

    Sports Pickle.

  • Was the Cavs meltdown all on LeBron James?

    Bleacher Report.

  • Women who date younger men die sooner. You gotta go sometime…


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