A MMA Fighter’s Arm Snapped In Half During A Fight, And It’s About As Ugly As It Sounds

Before we start this post, I’m just going to say for the record that this is a horrifying video and you shouldn’t actually watch it unless you are fully prepared to watch someone’s arm fold in half, and not in the way it was designed to do. Watching it during lunch: bad idea. Sharing it with other, normal people: bad idea.

But if you still insist on seeing this … okay. Go ahead.

Humans are a dangerous and deadly species, especially when it comes to beating one another into oblivion with our hands and feet. But we ain’t got nothing on physics. I’ll take getting punched in the head 20 times over getting judo slammed into the pavement, because the physics on the latter are so much worse. Just ask middleweight fighter Buck Pineau, who made the mistake of posting his arm on the way down from a slam. Check out the Vine made by Zombie Prophet:

This is from CES 31 on Oct. 30th in Rhode Island — Pat McCrohan takes down Buck Pineau just under a minute into their fight. Pineau is tapping seconds later after folding his arm backwards. We can only hope that it’s dislocated but holy jeez gosh darn jimminy jillickers that does not look good. After a 6-3 amateur record, this drops Buck’s pro record to 1-2. It may be a while before he returns to the cage, given how bad this injury looks.

(Via Bloody Elbow)