An MMA Fighter Got His Head Juggled In An Incredible 4-Second Knockout

Supposedly, golfers have a 12,500 to 1 chance to hit a hole in one. Tour pros have a 2,500 chance. The odds of getting a knockout as perfect as this might be crazier than successfully navigating an asteroid field. It’s that impressive.

This brutal, videogame-esque knockout from Victory Fighting Championships 55 also proves that no matter how plugged-in to the sport of MMA you are, there will always, always, always be a highlight that’ll blow you away. A 4-second (more like 3-second) knockout, hidden from the masses and only showing up in a grainy video recorded from god knows where. Sometimes these things happen in MMA.

This fight must’ve gone down deep enough on the undercard to not show up on any of the helpful results pages that litter the MMA universe, but that’s no explanation for not seeing this ridiculous KO sooner. Why is it only making the rounds now?

How impressive is a 4-second knockout when both dudes made their way to the center of the cage all friendly-like, taking their time to touch gloves? And this isn’t a one hitter quitter —the (sadly unnamed) boss who destroys his opponent catches Blue Shorts Dude with an uppercut as he’s leaning down, then clobbers him with another hook to the dome when Blue Shorts’ head is knocked up from the initial uppercut. It’s perfect.