MMA Fighter Rips Dudes Heart From Chest, Cooks It Without So Much Of A Marinade

06.01.10 9 years ago 4 Comments

We meant to hit this before the break, but better late than never: Jarrod Wyatt, 26, is making an early bid for Sportsman of the Year. The MMA fighter decided to drink some mushroom tea with a friend, and if you ever drink mushroom tea after reading this, let’s never be friends ever.

Del Norte County Police Sgt. Elwood Lee, who responded to the incident early March 21, said that Wyatt told him at the scene that he saw the devil in Powell’s face and that “‘Satan was in that dude.'” He allegedly cut an 18-inch hole in Powell’s chest, removed his heart, cut his tongue off and removed a majority of Powell’s face.

Lee also said that Wyatt admitted he had cooked the body parts in a wood stove at the Klamath residence because he thought that Powell was still alive and that he needed to “stop the devil.” –NY Daily News.

When authorities arrived, he asked if they were God coming to save him. The charge of first-degree murder was upheld yesterday by a California judge. But hey, if I had to work on Memorial Day, I don’t think I’d be very lenient, either.

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