MMA Fighters Show Off Their Dance Moves To Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

06.12.14 5 years ago

Despite the general perception of mixed martial artists being scary, tattoo-covered, terrible haircut-sporting dudes, they are sometimes happy. Usually, that happiness comes after they’ve punched a man so hard his brain temporarily shuts down, but hey, whatever gets them smiling.

This time, though, the happiness has manifested itself in the form of dance. And what better song to put these clips to than the happiest of songs, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams? Answer: probably anything else, but the video features Ryan Jimmo’s exquisite robo-dancing and teeny Johnny Dodson being FANTASTIC in his jammie pants.

Of course, the video isn’t without its glaring mistakes. For example, there’s no Boogie Time Barao and I’m really upset at the complete lack of GENKI BY GOD SUDO, master of dance both during fights and as a post-martial arts career.

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