MMA Fights Now Operating Under ‘Escape The Cage’ Rules

02.06.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Double knockouts are rare. Stoppages due to cage malfunction are even rarer. That’s what makes this clip of Brandon Bishop and Braedon Ward’s Hardrock MMA 43 fight from Satuday night the rarest of the rare, the Mew, as it were, of mixed martial arts: it’s a double knockout via cage malfunction. What the what?

From Cage Potato:

After Ward managed to toss Bishop to the mat but was unable to complete the takedown, he bull rushed ahead with a double leg, eventually slamming into to cage door, which burst open and sent both fighters crashing to the ground.

As team members rushed to their aid, it quickly became apparent that both parties had been knocked unconscious in the fall, and the bout was subsequently ruled a no contest.

Good to see local MMA operating under the same rules as pro wrestling — it doesn’t matter how far or cleanly you fell, if the fall involved a prop (like a cage door, collapsable stage or stack of cardboard boxes) you have to lie there unconscious until people drag you away.

In other news, Hardrock MMA 43 seems like the most hilarious and best thing ever, coming pretty close to being the “Battledome” of organized fighting when you combine that double cage knockout with this second, even more brutally hilarious clip from the event. Watch as a guy from Kentucky tries to be the little monkey dude from Bloodsport and gets his skull caved in for his efforts:

YouTube’s ICE999KOLD with further analysis:

F**k f**got deserved that. What the f**k were you thinking being a f**got with that Jon Jones sh*t. Hope that caused some permannet damage to you, f**k head.

In all seriousness, we hope the damage is not permannet.

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