A Fighter Ironically Gets A Walk-Off TKO Win After His Opponent Breaks His Own Leg

05.08.17 12 months ago

Combat Challenge

I’ve been covering combat sports professionally for eight long years and in that time, I’ve seen plenty of leg breaks. What I’ve learned is that everyone acts differently when they see their foot bent at the wrong angle. Sometimes the ref freaks out, sometimes the opponent freaks out. Most of the time, the person who just had their leg broken freaks out. Sometimes there are combinations of the people involved and their varying degrees of freaking. Never before, however, have I seen a guy win via walk-off leg break. It’s the ultimate irony, and we saw it courtesy of Combat Challenge.

Here’s the clip, coming from what looks like a Muay Thai cage fight. Hybrid sports! (Needless to say, this is not for the faint of heart.)

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