An MMA Fighter Had To Be Told His Foot Was Pointing In The Wrong Direction After A Horrible Fall

03.20.17 1 year ago


We’ve seen that in the heat of battle, just about anything can happen, and as long as a fighter is conscious, they will keep working towards victory. Cuts, bruises, broken hands, and broken faces are all the name of the game in MMA, but it’s tough to bite down on a mouthpiece and continue on when your foot is bent at a 90-degree angle while you have another fighter in your guard.

That’s what happened to fighter Vyron Phillips at Hard Knocks Fighting Championship 54. In the second round, he took a knee from his opponent and fell back awkwardly on his foot, heel to ass, and shattered his ankle. Usually, fighters notice when this type of thing happens, but Phillips scrambles away and brings the opposing fighter into his guard, where the referee has to let him know that the fight is done. Let’s take a look:

*Warning* This is graphic. It’s just… Not good.

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