A Flying Superman Elbow Created A Spectacular Mid-Air TKO

Entertainment Editor

Just when you think the combat sports world is slowing down on the delivery of phenomenal highlights, Chinese kickboxing promotion Kunlun Fight delivers a mid-air collision that looks like an explosion of limbs.

At first, you may think this is just some sloppy but aggressive fighters accidentally creating a highlight, but then you see what really happened: Chinese fighter Zhang Chunyu met USA fighter Gladstone Allen’s flying knee with a flying superman elbow of sorts:

Not only did Zhang have the wherewithal to see the knee coming, but he anticipated it being thrown, then made the painful decision to meet it in mid-air (mind you), and hope for the best. At the very least, this would’ve just knocked both fighters down, they’d be reset and the fight would continue on. At worst, Zhang gets kneed. He got the best outcome. As both bodies met, you can see the elbow sneak through and slam Allen’s dome, putting him down for the count.

It’s a risky maneuver, and one you won’t likely see used outside of kickboxing (with Muay Thai rules), but damn if it wasn’t effective. You have to be ready and willing to face the pain when you do something like this.

I need a minute to myself.

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