Judging From The Noise And Aftermath, This Could Be One Of The Worst Low Blows In MMA History

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06.11.17 2 Comments

South Korean MMA organization Road FC is lowkey the best Asian MMA org. Rizin gets all the love because of the Pride and DREAM pedigree, but Road is consistently putting on the freakshow fights that MMA fans love. Take this fight between the massive Myung Hyun-Man and the equally-large-but-more-in-shape Aoirgele. The fight ends in just 20 seconds after the “Heavyweight Supernova” kicked Hyun-Man right between the uprights, possibly shattering his cup, and even more possibly sucking the soul right from his body.

While there have been may genuinely horrible reactions to a low blow, this one could be the worst I’ve ever seen. There have been plenty of memorable reactions to a swift kick or knee to the nether region (see: Jens Pulver in ONE FC, Overeem/Cro Cop and many others), but Hyun-Man’s cries of pain are the worst. They even bring out the Blanket Of Groinal Healing* while hoping for a miracle. The blanket doesn’t seem to work, but at least Hyun-Man is a little bit warmer and comfy as the doctors make sure everything’s in its right place.

*It’s a blanket so the doctors can work in peace.

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