A Showboating MMA Fighter Head-Shakes Then Gets Head Kicked Into Oblivion

Despite Muhammed Ali perfecting showboating over half a century ago, fighters still try their best do wiggle and shake their way to victory, even when they’re clearly not the GOAT and clearly just starting out in their career. It takes some serious cajones to get in front of another man primed to do damage to your noggin and goof off in front of them, that’s why so few fighters can do it and get away with it. The Diaz bros, Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva, and to a lesser extent UFC bantamweight champ Cody Garbrandt, are a few of the modern fighters who are able to execute such risky moves.

But they’re on bigger stages and have honed their skills, dancing and otherwise. Jordan Powell, an 8-7 fighter, shouldn’t be pulling off Anderson Silva-inspired taunts. Keep your hands up, win fights, and taunt when you’re a badass who has a win streak and something to dance about, right?

The goof off even got featured on Sportscenter, which is odd because this is almost like tee-ball. Hitting a fighter who’s NOT goofing is way harder, ESPN. C’mon.


These highlights do make for good entertainment, however, and are a solid reason why people should tune into AXS TV, one of the most underrated places for MMA action out there.