This Spinning Kick Knockout Looks Like It’s From A Ridiculous Video Game

05.17.17 11 months ago

One Pride MMA

I play EA UFC 2 a lot. Just about every day. After hundreds, or maybe even thousands of matches online, you see some seriously weird stuff with the physics, and it undercuts the immersion of a great fighting sim when you see a guy flop to the mat after a devastating head kick. “Something like that would never happen,” I find myself saying to myself or anyone I’m chatting with. But, at Indonesian MMA event One Pride MMA, a video game moment did happen, and it was glorious.

This is spinning sh*t to the Nth degree. This is something that shouldn’t happen in a real, flesh and blood world. This kick that sends a man flying with his feet in the air is basically a video game highlight and further proves that we might be living in a simulation. A blow like this, perfectly timed as blue shorts dude looks to be throwing a head kick, is a once in a lifetime strike.

Let us watch, and watch, then watch more:

How the hell is this possible? It speaks to the disparity of skills in a smaller MMA event like this, but it also delivered us one of the best MMA highlights of the year, so can we even complain?

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