Your MMA On TV Wrap-Up: Gina Carano Is A Fishnets Robot

01.20.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Gina Carano fishnets robot Almost Human

Believe it or not, sometimes mixed martial artists are featured on television programs that aren’t just the events they are fighting on (Or featured in the crowd, awkwardly holding up a power fist for far too long). In the past week, three fighters have been, or will be seen on some prominent shows.

Ray Elbe on Sex Sent Me to the ER

Brandon wrote about Elbe’s terrible, gruesome misadventure back at the end of 2012, but now Ray gets the full TLC dramatic reenactment treatment for that time he broke his dick bone in half. I assume that treatment and rehab went well for Elbe and his doctor will let him bang, bro.

(h/t to David Burszan)

Tait Fletcher on Breaking Bad/Screen Actors Guild awards

Tait Fletcher had a stint on The Ultimate Fighter, where he got into an argument with his coach, Ken Shamrock.  Since then, he grew a giant beard and, thanks to training in Albuquerque, used his scary dude look to get onto the cast of Breaking Bad, and not only managed to get on stage when the show won for best ensemble cast for a drama, but he also took a pretty rad selfie with Bryan Cranston.

Gina Carano on Almost Human

Gina “Crush” Carano has probably been out of MMA longer than she was in it at this point, but that will never stop people from pointing out that she’s a former fighter-turned-actress. Now she gets to be a sexy lingerie-wearing robot assassin in an upcoming episode of Almost Human.

I hope this tradition continues as MMA becomes more and more popular. Maybe Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira can be some kind of goblin-monster, or Renan Barao and Joe Lauzon can be creepy vampires on Sleepy Hollow or Grimm or one of those other fantastical shows.

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