MMA’s Mr. Glass, Dominick Cruz is Injured. Again.

In a story that is equal parts sad and inevitable, former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz (Previously of having a really gross hand wound) has suffered a torn groin during the training camp for his fight against interim champion, Renan Barao. I say former because Cruz, who has not fought since October 2011, vacated his belt to Barao, and then promptly shattered all the bones in his hands.

Cruz’s road to never fighting again began while coaching opposite long-time rival Urijah Faber on The Ultimate Fighter: Live. Known for his erratic movement and footwork, it came as little surprise to most when Dominick revealed he had torn his ACL, putting a pin in the rubber match between Faber. After surgery on the injury, it was discovered that Cruz’s body, unwilling to ever be healthy, had rejected the cadaver ligament that had been used to replace his (Side note, I am always creeped out when I think about using any part of a cadaver in a surgery). A second surgery in December 2012 to fix the complications from the first gave Cruz a six to nine month recovery time, and UFC placed the ultimatum that should he not compete by early 2014, he would be stripped of his bantamweight title. During the intervening time, Renan Barao and Urijah Faber fought for the interim 135 pound title, with Barao winning a unanimous decision, and becoming really happy as a result. Since then, Barao has defended his interim title twice (Which is just a weird concept), winning both by impressive stoppages over Michael McDonald and Eddie Wineland.

With this revelation, UFC 169 is left without the most monstrous match-up in recent history, as Eddie Munster will no longer be fighting Nosferatu. Luckily, that plucky butt-chin’d bro of all bros, Urijah Faber has decided to take the title fight against the man that broke his ribs in their first encounter on one month’s notice. Given that Faber (And all of his Dougie-ing Team Alpha Male teammates) is winless in UFC title fights, I fear that as of February 2nd, another 135 pounder will be on the injury shelf.

As for Cruz, he’s developed a goofy sort of charm as an analyst and talking head on several of the UFC-based shows throughout the Fox Sports networks, so he can always stick to wearing a suit, which is generally not that stressful on the human body. That being said, I wonder if his body will ever again let him bang, bro.

GIF via @HammerDialectic