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We’ll get to the NFL draft shortly, but first we need to recap the weekend of one Kyle Maynard, that congenital amputee and former high school wrestler that made his amateur MMA debut last weekend at some horse barn in Auburn, Alabama. Maynard’s opponent, Brian Fry of Wisconsin, used his obvious advantage in striking range to keep Maynard from executing his ground game, but seemed content to not beat the life from Maynard’s body. From AJC:

By the second round, Maynard was visibly frustrated, and growing tired, while each time he put his head down and charged on all fours he was turned away or sidestepped. He was physically unable to grab and had no other answer for chopping down Fry. Maynard was the bowling ball, but the pin was always moving.

“I was … amazed. I didn’t know he was that quick,” Fry said. Still, he was able to stick to his strategy, even as the crowd, estimated at just less than 1,000, began chanting at him, “Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle.”

It sounds rather obvious that Fry had no intention of taking a real fight to Maynard, and yet it will certainly take a beatdown that savage for Maynard to pull himself out of the MMA game. It’s too bad Maynard didn’t want to be a swimmer; at least that way if he died, all you could blame is the guy that filled the pool.

|as first seen on Deadspin| SEXY UPDATE: Watch video of the match (via Cage Potato) after the jump.

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