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If you were pouting about the suckfest that was last week’s Monday Night game, last night should have more than made up for it. The Saints amassed nearly 400 yards in total offense. Reggie Bush ran two punt returns back for touchdowns. But turn the ball over four times and even a shitty team like the Vikings will beat you. In an excellent game rife with drama, The Saints let one slip away at home to the team that’s been writing the book on letting games slip away at home, 30-27.

Minnesota survived a pedestrian day from Adrian Peterson (21 rushes for 32 yards), due in large part to Saints kicker Martín Gramática missing what would have been the game winner with only two minutes to play. Gus Frerotte drove his team down the field (whoa, Gus Frerotte?!?!) and Vikes kicker Ryan Longwell put the game away.

One notable piece of idiocy from the Saints was when the Saints tried an onside kick in the first half, which resulted in a short Vikings drive and 53-yard field goal from Longwell. And then Brad Childress looked across the field at Sean Payton and said, “You’ve got to be the worst coach, ever.” Scoreboard, suckers.

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