09.22.08 10 years ago 16 Comments

I don’t know what Tony Kornheiser’s deal is. He’s neither entertaining nor insightful, unless you prefer having every quarterback in front of you compared to Brett Favre, and enjoy Tony doing so with the watering mouth of a Catholic priest parked at the rear entrance of an elementary school. So it seems rather fitting of the network to give us Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers…against Brett Favre.

Like tonight’s game, the matchups on MNF have been very good, and as someone pointed out earlier in the week, the idiots in the booth are going to take a lot of credit for the ratings that those matchups deliver. Kornheiser is like the home version of the MAKE SOME NOISE sign that we would see at the game–it has no place in a telecast. Why try to get me excited for something I’m already excited about? Instead of helping dissect the action on the field, Kornheiser seems to compete with it, to constantly remind us that he’s there. Hopefully, by next season, he won’t be.

You can read a live blog of the game here, or come back tomorrow for some date rape jokes that really didn’t go over so well during Rush Week. You’d think sorority girls would have a better sense of humor.

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