Mom Pulls Gun On Volleyball Team. Whoooooa ACE!

09.10.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

File this under Texas Being Texas: A currently-unidentified woman pulled a gun on a seventh-grade volleyball team last night. Fortunately, the only kills that came out of the evening occured during the game beforehand. Yep. You won’t get cutting-edge volleyball humor like that anywhere else.

School police are reviewing videotapes to try to identify the woman, who witnesses said threatened to shoot several members of the visiting Kirby team, Judson ISD spokesman James Keith said.

“The Kirby team had just won, and they were in the back parking lot near the gym when the woman approached,” Keith said, noting that the students were chanting and celebrating their victory. The woman “approached them, pulled a handgun, and threatened to shoot them,” he said. –San Antonio Express News, via our own Upstate Underdog.

The media report that the small woman remains at large. Of course she’s at large. Everything’s bigger in Texas.

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