Fans In Mexico Were Caught Making A Homophobic Chant During Monday Night Football

Entertainment Writer
11.22.16 9 Comments

Fans in Mexico City seemed to enjoy the Raiders vs. Texans game on Monday Night Football, but it seems we couldn’t get through the game without controversy. Right near the start of the game, a very audible “puto” chant filled the stadium and made it on the broadcast during a kickoff. For The Win and other outlets note that the chant is a “consistent source of controversy” for Mexico’s national soccer team and is considered a homophobic slur. As reported by FTW, ESPN made no efforts to adjust the audio for the broadcast and didn’t seem to think it would be an issue:

According to an ESPN spokesperson, ESPN had not made any specific audio adjustments that would ensure the chant couldn’t be heard on TV. But it is something the network will continue to discuss as a production team going forward.

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