A Pair Of Streakers Got Obliterated By Security Guards At Monday’s Jets Game

You’d think that people would learn by now that streaking at sporting events is a bad idea. This isn’t because you’re interrupting a game, but rather, it’s because security guards have no issue unloading on people who make their way onto the field when they’re not allowed.

During the Monday Night Football game between the Jets and the Colts, two dudes decided to try and run on the field. Neither of them made it especially far, because the security guards at MetLife Stadium instead lit them up like the fate of the world depended on it.

The first person to go down was on the receiving end of the more viscous hit, as the guy didn’t even seem like he saw the security guard coming. The guard wrapped him up from the side and barreled through the streaker. The second guy’s luck wasn’t much better, as the security guard who took him down looked to devour him. Here’s the moment his day ended from another angle:

Next to nothing went right for the Jets tonight, especially on defense, as they allowed 41 points and 424 yards of total offense to the Colts. Maybe the team can sign these two security guards for next week’s game against San Francisco, because that defense could use two guys who can lay opponents out like this.

(Via BroBible)