09.15.08 10 years ago 15 Comments

It was the Sunday of the large squandered lead, as the Packers, Vikings, and Broncos saw large advantages evaporate, though only the Vikings sucked enough to allow that to result in a loss. Minnesota dominated all aspects of their game against Indianapolis except those that associated with the complete ineptitude of quarterback Tarvaris Jackson,

Of course, many teams managed to suck without even bothering to blow leads. The Chiefs, a team to be commended for their Tom Brady-injuring abilities, got dominated by the Raiders and their lame duck coach. The Jaguars, despite being a preseason Super Bowl contender, fell to the Bills at home to drop to 0-2. The Jets’ vaunted new attack only managed 10 points in their 8th straight home loss to the Patriots. Seattle committed two red zone turnovers and gave up over 300 yards passing to, yes, J.T. O’Sullivan. Last year’s breakout Pro Bowl QB, Derek Anderson, threw two critical interceptions in the Browns’ 10th straight loss to the Steelers. The Rams were to able to hang around against the Giants well into the third quarter before getting blown away 41-13. And the Dolphins lost by three scores to Arizona, which was heretofore thought impossible.

But all those suck jobs pale in comparison to the one put on by Ed Hochuli in Denver. Eddie Guns blew the whistle prematurely on Jay Cutler’s obvious fumble, rendering the play unable to be fumbled, after the review equipment failed earlier in the game. I’d chastise him further, but he’d probably snap my head off.

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