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Once again, there was no shortage of heartbreak, disappointment, and abject failure in the NFL, and as usual there’s no better place to celebrate all that than in the Monday Morning Suck-Off.  The best of yesterday’s worst all took a careful look at their playoff chances or positioning and said, “You know what? Screw it.”

This is true of the Redskins, who erased the remnants of their playoff hopes with a 20-13 stinkbomb against the putrid Bengals, while the Giants failed to imrpove their dominant playoff position with a no-show against the quarrelsome Cowboys, New York’s second consecutive loss.  The Titans had an opportunity to clinch home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, but instead got shut out of the end zone in their 13-12 defeat at the hands of the Texans.  Baltimore, playing at home for the chance to steal the AFC North crown, also failed to score a touchdown in a 13-9 loss to the Steelers in which the referees mercifully gave Pittsburgh a last-minute touchdown to prevent a dreary game from going into overtime at 9-9.

Other notable Suck-Off accomplishments go to the Cardinals, who let Tarvaris Jackson throw four touchdown passes, and the Chiefs, who squandered a 21-3 third quarter lead and allowed two touchdowns and a successful onside kick to the Chargers in the final 1:19 of their 22-21 loss.

But no one sucked harder yesterday than Dick Jauron and J.P. Losman, who gifted yesterday’s game to the Jets.  Nursing a 27-24 lead just before the two-minute warning, the Bills needed only a first down to seal the game, and a worst-case scenario (three runs and a punt) would have left the Jets with almost no time to even tie the game.  Except the REAL worst-case scenario was Jauron calling a passing play on first down, Losman getting sacked and fumbling the ball, and the Jets returning it for a game-winning touchdown.  Merry Christmas, Dick.  You’re totally fired.

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