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Wild Card weekend shot its wad on Saturday, leaving us a pair of miserable Sunday games.  Quick caps:

  • Cardinals 30, Falcons 24:  Caw, caw!  Skreeeee! Bird noises!  Compared to Sunday’s losers, the Falcons played admirably, but the Arizona D bottled up Atlanta’s vaunted running game and forced some key turnovers, paving the way for a loss next week in Carolina.
  • Chargers 23, Colts 17 (OT): That’s three straight playoff victories for the Bolts against Indy.  Credit for this one goes to Darren Sproles and… Mike Scifres?  Sproles filled in for an injured (surprise) LaDainian Tomlinson, amassing 328 total yards and the game-winning TD that made up for a costly red zone fumble.  Scifres dropped six punts inside the Colts’ 20.
  • Ravens 27, Dolphins 9:  Ugh.  You know that scene in Leaving Las Vegas where Elisabeth Shue just sits in the shower and cries after getting anally raped?  That was Chad Pennington after the game yesterday.
  • Eagles 26, Vikings 14:  Donovan McNabb in early playoff round + Brian Westbrook + Philly’s blitzing D > Adrian Peterson + (-Tarvaris Jackson).  T-Jack was 15 of 35 for 164 yards and an INT.  He would have thrown more interceptions, but he’s too inaccurate.

Suck-Off winner is a tie between Pennington and T-Jack.  Pennington’s numbers were worse (4 INTs), but man oh man, it blows my mind that Tarvaris Jackson in an NFL quarterback.  He is horrible.

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