12.10.07 11 years ago 26 Comments

Congratulations today go to the Cowboys, Packers, and Seahawks, who clinched their respective divisions with wins over opponents that ranged from mediocre to special needs.

But that's enough positive sentiment for the day; I'm here to celebrate the hapless, hopeless, and ham-fisted of yesterday's NFL action.  The 49ers, Panthers, Chiefs and Raiders all earn nods for getting blown out, but they all got blown out against good teams, so it's not like they underachieved (and yes, I consider Denver at home in December a good team).  Kurt Warner impressed with five interceptions, but at least two of them came with the game already decided, so it's not like he cost his team a win.

This week's runner-up is the Lions, who lost their fifth in a row to spoil quarterback Jon Kitna's preseason prediction that the team would win ten games.  And they did it in craptacular fashion, blowing a 27-14 4th quarter lead at home.  Nice work allowing the Cowboys to march 83 yards downfield with no timeouts to win the game, guaranteeing more hot dimpled action from league smiles leader Tony Romo.

But the Lions can't compete with the singular effort of Steelers safety Anthony Smith, who guaranteed a victory over the mighty Patriots, then backed those words up by getting repeatedly torched in a 34-13 loss.  Good call, Tony.  I'm sure your words earned you a little extra attention during film study and game planning.  Maybe next time you should guarantee biting on play-action.  

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