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The focus here is always on the worst the NFL has to offer, but even I have to admit that was a pretty good batch of games yesterday.  Ten of the 15 contests were decided by a single score, and two games were decided in overtime (the Jets upsetting the Steelers, and the Browns winning in OT after Phil Dawson's wild miss/not-miss field goal at the end of regulation). 

In other boldface headlines, Terrell Owens singlehandedly defeated a Redskins team that played Dallas much more toughly than expected, the Pats continued their dominance in a 56-10 rout, Indy survived a scare from KC, and the Seahawks spoiled the return of Rex Grossman.

That's all well and good, but who or what sucked on Sunday?  Well, Philip Rivers, for starters.  He's less effective than Eli Manning, and his pissed-off face when he loses doesn't give me close to the same amount of joy that I get when I see Eli break out the Manning Face 2.0.  Also receiving votes: the Bengals, who are squandering more talent per loss than a Lindsay Lohan movie; and the Falcons, who are doing their part to make sure the NFC South gets mentioned in the same breath as the NFC West…

…Which brings us to the NFC West.  With Seattle kinda-maybe looking like a playoff team the last two weeks and Arizona plying with some pride at .500, it's on the Rams and 49ers to uphold the shittiness of the division.  Fittingly, they played each other yesterday, and uphold the shittiness they did.  Want a key stat?  The Rams held the ball for more than 34 minutes of the game, yet they managed only 207 yards of total offense.  The Niners have now gone 11+ quarters without a touchdown.  Even I don't go that long without scoring, and I'm open with my sex offender status.

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