10.22.07 11 years ago 17 Comments

Count me among the people who don't give a shit about Rob Bironas's field goal record.  You kicked 8 field goals?  Wow, way to bore me four times as much as the average kicker.  Don't get me wrong; it's a nice little accomplishment, and kicking the game-winner was a nice way to cap it off.  But let's be serious: nobody cares.

And now to determine who sucked most.  The Dolphins get a couple votes for getting to a perfect 0-7, but they get off the hook because everyone gets their rectum worn out against the Patriots.  Also 0-7 are the shitacular Rams, who turned the ball over five times in a 33-6 loss in Seattle.  But for all their offensive ineptitude, St. Louis still made the shitty Seahawks offense look shitty, and preserving the status quo won't win you the Suck-Off.

I've done some thinking, and second place this week goes to the Bears offense.  What a boring, shitty display of miscues they have in their arsenal every week.  And since that offensive unit put together a 97-yard touchdown drive with less than two minutes to go and no timeouts, first place goes to the Philadelphia Eagles.  You guys suck.

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