01.07.08 10 years ago 28 Comments

I'm not well-equipped to write the Suck-Off today, as I didn't watch a lot of football after the Seahawks honored Sean Taylor's death by beating the Redskins by 21 points.  After that game ended, I spent most of the weekend drunk, partly in celebration and partly in sorrow, as I gave my soul to Christ and made several promises to God when Washington went up 14-13 in the 4th quarter.  That's right: after Seattle's muffed kickoff return, Sean Suisham missed a 30-yard field goal on the strength of my prayer alone.  I am now duty-bound to ask all of you sinners to repent.

Anyway, Sunday served up a couple of duds, but Saturday night's Jax-Pitt matchup proved to be an excellent game, with the Steelers digging themselves a nice hole before a 4th quarter rally gave them the lead, which they coughed up with 37 seconds remaining.  So hooray for that.  And it's in Pittsburgh (and all across Steeler Nation) where we find the Suck-Off winner.  As KD noted this weekend, Steelers LB Larry Foote echoed the thoughts of many Pittsburgh fans when he complained that holding wasn't called on David Garrard's key 32-yard scramble on 4th down with less than two minutes to play.

Oh yes, you read that correctly.  Pittsburgh has a problem with the officiating in a playoff game.  Well, how do I say this?  FUCK YOU PITTSBURGH.  Fuck you right in the face.

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