Monkey Workout? Monkey Workout.

The video description:

Monkey dose exercise for tourists

… and that’s it. He “dose” it. Here we are, left with a video of a monkey cranking out a set of push-ups, then flipping over to do sit-ups while his trainer holds his ankles. It’s the kind of thing the Internet was made for, and I guess we’re just fulfilling that Planet Of The Apes prophecy where we teach apes how to be better than us en route to being ruled by them.

I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to be happy or sad for the fitness monkey, but here he is. Video is after the jump.

The mild laughter of the tourists probably doesn’t justify the monkey-punching that went into teaching this little guy how to act like Patrick Bateman. Maybe everyone at this zoo is into crunches and the monkey is just playing along. That’s why the tourists barely seem to care … everything’s doing crunches at this zoo. They just watched the zebras do suicides for 20 minutes.

(Sorry if you got punched a lot, workout monkey.)

[via DoTD]