Is This The Best Bench Celebration In College Basketball History?

It sometimes seems like college basketball bench players try too hard to have silly bench celebrations. This, in turn, ends up taking away from how silly some of them are – when they’re too overly orchestrated, it takes away from some of the more fun, spur-of-the-moment ones that seem truly genuine.

With that being said, this celebration by Monmouth’s bench players that came after one of their teammates drilled a three against USC was probably planned out, but it’s still the greatest bench celebration that we’ve ever seen out of college basketball players.

One Hawks player decided that the best way to celebrate his teammate hitting a three was to do a handstand. This player was then caught by another teammate on the bench, who grabbed him by the ankles and started pushing his legs together and pulling them apart like they were a gigantic pair of scissors. All of this was done while the standing player – who kind of looks like Cleveland center Timofey Mozgov – made a silly face.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough that this was a reaction to a made three in a regular season game. Hopefully Monmouth makes it to the NCAA Tournament and goes on a magical run so we can see some of the bonkers stuff their bench players would celebrate.

Monmouth is the most exciting team in the country.