Inside Those Thirty Laps To $1 Million Glory At The Monster Energy Cup

11.08.17 4 months ago

Feld Entertainment

What if I told you that all you have to do for a million dollars was win three 10-lap races? It sounds easy, until you realize that the race is on a 250 CC motorbike. But even if you still think you can do it, let my story be the one to set you straight: No, you likely could not.

As part of my experience at the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas, they let certain members of the media ride the bikes to get a taste of what riding a supercross bike would be like. What made it even better was that the greatest motocross and supercross rider ever, Ricky Carmichael, would be the one who would teach this motley crew of journalists.

Carmichael is the Michael Jordan of motorsports. The man has won a total of 15 national titles in motocross or supercross and designed this year’s Monster Energy Cup track. Carmichael even owns a few riding schools to teach laymen like myself to ride, so to say I was in good hands would be a dramatic understatement.

After a good 15-to-20-minute session where I’d been given instructions on how to ride the bike, pop the clutch, and do a tiny mini-lap on the bike, I was ready to go … or so I thought. I’d gotten on the bike, put the bike in first gear and promptly went two feet on the bike before I flew off for revving too hard.

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