With Leather's Watch This: The Monster Mutt Rottweiler Truck Is The Most Adorable Truck Ever

In case you’re not caught up on the latest in monster truck news, there was a pretty horrible accident that took place in Mexico over the weekend. Obviously, we don’t ever like to make light of death or disaster, and we also don’t like to bring everyone down on a Monday. So here’s a video of a monster truck known as the Monster Mutt Rottweiler that comes equipped with big floppy ears and a tail. I’ve never driven a monster truck before, but if I don’t ever fulfill my dream of owning Gravedigger, then I’d be content to own the Monster Mutt. It’s pretty awesome.

(H/T to my couple roller skating partner Stephen Douglas)

MLB Divisional Playoffs Game 3: Red Sox at Rays – 6 PM ET on TBS

By the time this game starts, I expect the St. Louis Cardinals to have tied their series with the Pittsburgh Pirates at 2, which means the Pirates will win 10-0, because the baseball gods are just pushing this team of destiny way too hard. But the Rays and all of their fans who just remembered where their stadium is located will be looking to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Red Sox. Hopefully, if Boston wins, David Price and his girlfriend will stay off Twitter for a few days.

Monday Night Football: Jets at Falcons – 8 PM ET on ESPN

Julio Jones is listed as questionable for tonight’s game. Just like he was last week, the week before, the before that and every week before that since the day he was born. That said, this feels like one of those strange games that the Jets will win.

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

I just read the results of the PPV and I don’t know how anyone watches the WWE anymore. It just sounds like crap, like I would have thrown a shoe at my TV if I paid for the PPV. Maybe I’m wrong, though, and you guys loved it. If only there was a way for me to gauge your responses.

MLB Divisional Playoffs Game 4 – Braves at Dodgers – 9:30 PM ET on TBS

Seeing as my team is probably on vacation now (I write this post in the morning, typically) I’ll have to decide on a team to back from here on out, and it’ll probably be the Detroit Tigers. But I also wouldn’t care if the Dodgers won, except for the whole “they were so awful and now they’re awesome, isn’t that fun?” angle. The Dodgers were supposed to be great even before Yasiel Puig showed up. That’s what we expect from teams that spend a lot. So I don’t buy anyone calling them a team of destiny. That’s the Pittsburgh Pirates this year. Call the Dodgers what they are – a team with a big payroll that should be this good.