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Last night the Canadiens routed the Bruins 5-0 in Game 7 of their first-round series, and a joyous crowd of men with hyphenated girlie names took to the streets to celebrate Detroit-style.  A fitting reaction, given that Montreal only needs to win three more series for the Stanley Cup.

A few hundred people, some intoxicated, marched down the downtown avenue, throwing rocks and bottles at police and torching vehicles… Despite increased police presence deployed to the streets before Monday night's game, rioters burnt or smashed 16 police cars and at least five other vehicles. At least five businesses were ransacked as well, although [a police spokesman] said the damage was limited.

"One minute we were all hanging out and celebrating and then all hell broke out," said Jean-François Hotte, who watched as a Foot Locker store was ransacked by looters. A liquor store was also hit… City police, backed up by riot squad officers, used pepper spray and batons to quell the crowd, which dispersed around 2 a.m. There were no reports of serious injuries.

NHL officials reacted calmly in support of Montreal, pointing out that a riotous mob of looters setting cars on fire is actually less annoying than being in the same room as a single Boston fan.

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