All Hail Mookie Betts, Destroyer Of Worlds And A Person Who Can Steal Two Bases On One Play

Can’t miss prospects sometimes, well, miss. But it doesn’t seem as though Boston’s Mookie Betts will be one of them. In one game against the Nationals in April, he not only showed the possibility of shattering the high expectations everyone has of him – he gave us a glimpse of bonafide star power.

Betts stole two bases in one play, robbed Bryce Harper of a home run and hit a home run of his own. This isn’t normal everyday baseballing. This is jaw-dropping, expletive-generating, wait-how-did-he-do-that type stuff that only a few players in the league can do.

After being called up in 2014, Betts posted an .812 OPS in 189 at-bats. He flashed a little speed and a little power. Boston fans are rightfully excited about his future. With a name like Mookie Betts, why wouldn’t they be? When he shows the ability to make plays like this, it only proves that even casual fans should get familiar as well.