This Guy Rode A Moose Through A Lake And May Have Invented A New Sport

Thanks to the fine folks at Reddit, we now have an entirely new question to ask: Should Moose Riding be considered for the next Olympics? While most people would balk at such a non-structured and juvenile sport, others can see the sheer beauty and unbridled energy that goes into the fair sport of Moose Riding.

The video takes a little bit to get going as they wait for the moose to get in range, but near the end, you start to see our fair hero go through his full thought process in real time.

“Is this really something I should do?”

“OK, fine. I’ll do it.”


That fist pump he gives shows just how much he appreciates the opportunity in front of him. Many have dared to ride a moose in the water, but few have succeeded in the challenge. This is a graceful and marvelous sport, and we are lucky to be in its presence.

(Via Reddit)