A Good Moose Chased A Terrified Snowboarder Down A Mountain

I’ve never been snowboarding or skiing, but that’s only because doing anything outside during the winter is dumb unless it involves drinking beer in a parking lot before a big sports game. But if someone had told me you could snowboard alongside a majestic moose out for its morning jog, I’d have done this years ago.

The overly hashtagged caption on this video says, “That time a #moose chased @shamey08 and I down the run.” I feel this portrays the moose, the most Canadian of animals and therefore the most polite, in a negative light. It’s not chasing these people; it’s simply encouraging them like people who run alongside Tour de France competitors. If that moose was truly chasing this woman, the video would have ended horrifically.

When the woman stops, the moose just keeps on trucking. Maybe he’s training for a marathon or a big moose fight like in Rocky V. Maybe there was a big moose combine event and the moose was working on getting his 40 time down. Or maybe the moose was showing off for the woman, like in some ski movie. You know. That ski movie with the endearing moose.

This was a good moose. And he won the race.