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The concept of the cheerleader is telling of American notions of sexuality and athleticism.  They dress in skimpy outfits and perform routines that range from innuendo to borderline explicit — America's sexual reality — yet their core image remains that of the chaste, the rah-rah; a support-the-team purpose that points to our Puritanical beginnings and the dated idea that a woman stands on the sidelines and supports her man.

Which is why cheerleaders remain a sports fan fantasy, I think.  The pleated skirts and gymnastic abilities automatically make men imagine what a cheerleading squad or dance team might do if they were to spend the night in a hotel room together.  Drink a few beers, say.  Get tipsy.  Wear silly outfits fashioned from bikinis, experiment in lesbianism, then ultimately take off their clothes and reveal the naughty girls they are, showing off pierced tongues and nipples–

Wait, did I say "fantasy"?  Because I meant the "Orange Coast College Cheerleading and Dance Team."  The amazing Don Chavez turned up these photos — and many more NSFW ones — of the Pirates' squad showing off their precious booties, and the Great American Fantasy lives on in reality for another day.

Note: Some of you may be saying, "Sure, those girls are wearing Coast t-shirts and sweatpants and are really flexible, but how do we really know it's the dance/cheer squad?"  Well, this was a start, but this Photobucket album has many of these girls in their official Pirate dance gear, so don't worry: it's the real deal. Also, be warned that pic #2 in the bottom row is NSFW.

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