More Info On The Virginia Lacrosse Murder

05.04.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Details are coming out on the murder charge involving those two lacrosse players from Virginia. Yeardley Love was found dead in her own apartment and George Huguely, 22, of Chevy Chase, MD, was arrested and charged with first degree murder. His arraignment was earlier today.

[Huguely] told police he shook her and hit her head repeatedly against a wall, according to a court document in the case. An affidavit filed with a search warrant said police found Yeardley Love, 22, face down in her bedroom with a pool of blood on her pillow, a large bruise on her face and one eye swollen shut.

Police said the suspect, George Huguely, told them he had an altercation with Love and had kicked in her door. –Y! News.

Huguely had a prior record, having pled guilty to resisting arrest and public swearing and intoxication in 2009. Huguely’s douchebag lawyer actually had the balls to make this statement:

“We are confident that Ms. Love’s death was not intended, but an accident with a tragic outcome,” [Francis] Lawrence told reporters.

An accident? Locking your keys in the car is an accident. Spilling coffee down your shirt is an accident. I’m no expert, but mashing someone’s head repeatedly against a wall and leaving them in a pool of their own blood does not sound like the same thing. I would love to live in George Huguely’s world, where he thinks bullsh like that could possibly fly. Preferably someplace where there’s a wall handy.

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