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One of the contestants on last night's episode of "American Gladiators" featured Belinda Gavin, a 36-year-old bull rider originally from Australia if you want to believe the AG website.

Her IMDb page, however, suggests that she's been riding something besides bulls.  Her credits include:

Bikini Round-Up  •  Bikini Chain Gang  •  Haunting Desires  •  Sexy Movie  •  Bikini Airways  •  "The Best Sex Ever"  •  Wicked Pleasures  •  Passionate Deceptions  •  "Hotel Erotica"

Image searches for "Belinda Gavin" weren't all that exciting, but she has quite a resumé under the alias "Kylie Wyote."  And if I'm being too subtle, what I mean is you can see lots of NSFW pictures of her naked HERE.  

Oh, and I guess I should mention that Belinda lost to her soccer mom competitor (riiiiiight, "soccer mom") last night.  But really, in this episode, aren't we all winners?

[Big ups: Your Face Is a Sports Blog

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