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For those of you who are wondering about the Michael Vick "Ookie" stuff, look no further than this eerily prescient/ironic 2004 interview he did with Page 2 (as noted on PFT and later TBL).  Some excerpts:

If you could have one superpower — the strength of 100 men, invisibility, or the ability to fly — which would you choose and why?

Vick: Oh, man invisibility. If I was in a bad situation or something or I said something or you know, caught with two girls I could just disappear. I could be gone just like that — no trouble.

They're taking it all away tomorrow — the fame, the fortune, everything. What do you do tonight, your last night?

Vick: I'd play Madden. Play it all night until my fingers fall off.

A few more choice answers that would probably be very different three years later after the jump.  In the meantime, I strongly recommend everyone check out this splentacular post from LOL Jocks, which is where I got the image on the left.

If you could take one career mulligan — do one thing over — what would it be and what would you do differently?

Vick: No question. That Philly game [NFC Championship game]. Just playing that Philly game one more time.

Describe the ideal Michael Vick day.

Vick: Just playing video games all day long, maybe do a little fishing.

Describe the Michael Vick nightmare day.

Vick: Any day when I don't win.

What's left, what's ahead, what have you not done that you still want to do?

Vick: I want to go on a safari trip. I want to go to a jungle where I can see all kinds of tigers and elephants because I love animals. Just hop on the wagon and go. East Africa or someplace, hey, wherever it is, that's what I want to do.

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