03.14.08 10 years ago 19 Comments

Yesterday's revelation that Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz is dating Pet of the Year Erica Ellyson was a delightful development for masturbation addicts and people who read sports blogs (quick Venn diagram of those subsets: Ο), but Clay's father didn't have details of how they met when he confirmed it on WZLX.

In what you should probably call a With Leather exclusive, a reliable and anonymous source at Penthouse disclosed the details of their meeting:

[Ellyson] and Buchholz met at Scott Ferrell's live remote from the Super Bowl–at Hooters, naturally. Buchholz asked to be introduced to all 15 Penthouse Pets present that day, but it was Erica Ellyson who hit it off with him right away. She flew down to Tampa a few weeks ago at his invitation to visit him during spring training.

It must be nice to be a pro athlete.  I wonder if he made that demand while sitting on a huge satin pillow as he was fed grapes by hand.  "There are nude models here?  Bring them before me!  Parade the beef!"  I can't think of a more romantic way to meet.  Unless he asked her how much it was for a lap dance.

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