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Following Paul Pierce's Game 1 heroics, in which he was carried by teammates off the court, then wheeled to the trainer's room before returning minutes later to knock down two game-changing 3s, MixMakers has designed a new Paul Pierce jersey for tonight's Game 3, when the Lakers will definitely win the game to get the series back within reach.

Is it particularly funny or clever?  Well, no, not really.  But it does allow me to address the NBA Finals without writing about Kobe Bryant.  And anyway, it's not like I'm some arbiter of funny or clever.  I only tell three jokes, people.  God knows why you keep coming back.  Oh yeah, the boobs.  Right.

In conclusion, Game 3, 9:00 Eastern tonight.  I will be at a Mexican restaurant, trying to determine which mixed drink is most refreshing when it's hotter than two cats fucking in a wool sock.  And you can bet your sweet A that I'm gonna need to conduct more research. 

[via The Sporting Blog

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