Morning Ling A Links Ding Dong


My Two Days With Glee – We’re going to try to make Progressive Boink a thing again, I think. Check out Bill’s latest article, a rundown of Glee that will help you explain to your friends why you hate Glee, but haven’t been able to articulate it. [Progressive Boink]

Miami Marlins New Logo: Really Bad, But Not The Worst Possible – I think the “Home Improvement” logo idea is the best, and would buy a Miami Marlins: The Complete Baseball Season hat the minute they were stitched together. [SBN]

Kenyon Martin Reportedly Signs Richest Contract In Chinese Basketball’s History – I hope this isn’t followed by the story “Kenyon Martin Reportedly Has Second Baby, Doesn’t Know Which One To Choose”. Culturally-insensitive jokes about China, everybody! [Smoking Section]

The 8 Best Movie Baseballs – Everyone’s Hero or it didn’t happen. Come on, that movie features a boy named “Yankee”. [Moviefone]

Kendra Wilkinson Says The Secret To Good Marriage Is Having Sex In Different Locations – Totally agree. The secret to good marriage for me is going to be having sex with Kendra Wilkinson in different locations. [FARK]

The Ten Greatest ‘Simpsons’ Characters Who Appear in Only One Episode – If this list didn’t have so many qualifiers it could go on forever. Dinner Dog, for example. [Warming Glow]

Awesome People Hanging Out With Chevy Chase – This could be 50 pictures of him standing next to Alison Brie and I’d click through it. Actually, I’d click though that one first. Can somebody make that one? [UPROXX]

After 30 Years Of Making Music, R.E.M. Is No More – I like to think that one guy with glasses woke up last week and went “oh christ, I’ve been in REM for THIRTY YEARS” and just jumped through his closed window. [UPROXX]

James Cameron Bringing Cat-Monkey Pterodactyl Rape to Disney World – He’s probably just redoing the Tarzan treehouse, guys. The only place you get raped at Disney is in the line for Roger Rabbit. [Film Drunk]

‘Arrested Development’ Cast to Reunite – If there’s no news about the movie announced here, I’m never caring about an Arrested Development reunion again. Don’t Twilight Princess this thing, people. [Warming Glow]

The Last Words Of 25 Famous Dead Writers – Pretty sad that mine are going to be “hey guys”. [Buzzfeed]