Morning Links: 25 Years Ago

The Legend of Zelda and the death of Len Bias are both pushing 30 years old. I should’ve filled today’s Morning Links to articles about the Challenger Explosion and Hands Across America and called it a meme. Are things that happened a long time ago a “meme”? Oh who am I kidding, everything is a meme. Everything’s collectable, and everything’s a meme.


The Heartbreaking Potential of Len Bias – I remember how sad this was when it happened, even if I was barely old enough to know what “basketball” was. The only thing funny to come from it is those reports of people being all, “he’s like the new Michael Jordan!” when Jordan had been playing for like 20 minutes. [Smoking Section]

‘Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum’ Live Results and Commentary – Well, they aren’t really live results now, but you get the idea. Here’s my review for Strikeforce: “the guy started fighting, and now he’s lying down. Hup, it’s over.” And that would STILL be better than WWE Capitol Punishment. [Cage Potato]

Your Guide to the 2011 Pick-Up Basketball Season – I just wanted to note for public record that the one time Jon and I actually got out to a park and played basketball, I won. I have also beaten him at Words With Friends and RBI Baseball. [SBN]

Who is to Blame for the Rioting? – Because Mondays are always sort of drab and exhausting, go back to the middle of last week and read a thought-provoking piece from Burnsy. Thoughts provoked include “what the hell is wrong with these people?” [Brandon’s Website dot Org]

Not Sports

Robin Williams Sells Zelda – Three things to know: (1) Robin Williams has a colossal beard for some reason, (2) there is a new version of Ocarina of Time coming out, because money, and (3) Robin Williams has the cutest f**king daughter ever. [Gamma Squad]

The Hyper-Minimal Movie Posters of John Taylor – This minimalism thing is for the birds. I didn’t complain when everything on Cartoon Network started looking like Powerpuff Girls, so I guess I won’t complain now that the Jurassic Park poster is just a black square with a yellow circle in the middle. James Franco’s imaginary art isn’t that far from the truth. [Gamma Squad]

‘The Last Circus’ Looks Insane – Theory: Vince hated Super 8 for the same reasons he thinks this movie looks great. I find that my Killer Klowns From Outer Space aren’t really receptive when I show them Field of Dreams, either. [Film Drunk]

Mac from ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Gains 50 Pounds – …because “fat people are funnier”. Hey Mac, you want to be funnier? Put down the cheeseburger and write funnier episodes. [Warming Glow]