Morning Links: A Penny For Your Thoughts, A Five To Keep It Live

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I tell people that “God” by John Lennon is my favorite song, but it’s really this. Happy Presidents Day.

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Alison Brie And Danny Pudi Perform ‘Everybody Dance Now’ To Close Out ‘Community’ Season 3 Filming – Between this, the faux-Santa Baby thing and Trudy Campbell’s Charleston, Alison Brie is my favorite dancer. Sorry, Jabbazwockee. [UPROXX]

Chris Brown Has A New Pickup Line Sure To Make All The Ladies Melt – I also would’ve accepted, “my dancing looks mostly stupid but people say it’s cool, so date me or I’ll literally murder you”. [UPROXX]

Chris Brown Vs. Seagulls – I can’t wait for him to start abusing animals so people can be all, “what’s the big deal why don’t you forgive him??” [Buzzfeed]

kate-moennig7 Attractive People Landed Pilots This Week, Let’s Rank Them by Aesthetic Value – Worst part about the new Warming Glow — whatever aesthetic makes them decide Kate Moennig is less attractive than Kumar. [Warming Glow]

5 Things Tim Schafer Needs to do To Make His Fan-Funded Adventure Game Truly Great – Thing 6 – Change the name of it to ‘Lufia and the’ something something. Thing 7 – straight up Lufia game. [Gamma Squad]

7 WTF Endorsement Deals Featuring Rappers – If you like Beats By Dre, you’ll love being beaten by Chris Brown! etc. [Smoking Section]

Frotcast 87: ‘Ask a Porn Guy’ w/Seymore Butts, Lindy West vs. Penn Jillette – Again, is Shane from Shane’s World still alive, and if so, would she consider staying in my guest room for a few months? [Film Drunk]

Bill Oakley Tweets Top 10 ‘Simpsons’ Episode Pitches That Never Made It To Air For 500th Episode – “Homer gets a job as a ____. Is worried that he and Marge may get divorced. Accidentally hurts himself!” has been the plot of every episode since like, 200. [HuffPost Comedy]

TMZ asks the question of our time. Emma Stone or Rooney Mara who would you rather? – Mara, but only if she was Dragon Tattoo’d up. Emma Stone is pretty, but too Modern Drew Barrymore Faced for my tastes. [FARK]

Hipster Cat Is the Only Dubstep DJ You’ll Ever Need – Wait, now HIPSTERS listen to dubstep? Get your broad generalizations in order, Internet. [The FW]

Capes? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Capes! The Best Superhero Movies Not Based On A Comic Book (Or Other Source Material) – I like Unbreakable so much it justified me seeing at least three terrible M. Night Shyamalan movies in a row. The Last Airbender was the last straw. See you in Hell, M. Night. [Pajiba]

Watch the Trailer for ‘Marley,’ Kevin Macdonald’s Documentary About Bob Marley – Spoiler alert: Marley dies at the end. Wait, are we talking about the same movie? [Brobible|Alison Brie And Danny Pudi Perform ‘Everybody Dance Now’ To Close Out ‘Community’ Season 3 Filming |UPROXX]

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