Morning Links: Bosh For Sale

Those sad Miami Heat pictures never get old.


Bill Me Later: 6 NBA Teams In Payroll Pinches – We’re now entering that awkward part of the offseason where everyone stands around staring at Chris Bosh until he gets the hint and leaves, and gets replaced with like three little three point shooting lay-up guys and maybe one who can play defense. [Smoking Section]

A KSK Sex/Fantasy Football Mailbag – These are always worth your time, even if the phrase “I’ve got big tits and love to bang” outs them as a Penthouse letters work. Hopefully nobody who has big tits and likes to bang types that sentence in real life. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

‘The League’ Responds to the NFL Lockout – Paul Scheer should just KABOOM the lockout. [Warming Glow]

Stanley Cup Riot Gallery: The Faces of Vancouver’s Horrific Sportsmanship – This is one of those things that seems important to sports history, so if you haven’t seen it, check it out. And by “important to sports history” I mean it makes the best of us write wistful contemplations on the nature of the beast, and will be forgotten in two months. [With Leather]

MMA’s Eight Greatest Public Service Announcements [VIDEOS] – I really want to pitch the idea of “MMA All-Stars to the Rescue”, where Brock Lensar just shows up in some kid’s bedroom and punches him in the face until he stops smoking. [Cage Potato]

Not Sports

We Hope That Robyn Never Stops Dancing – Watch the funniest and worst-best dancer in pop music do her thing alongside Rye Rye in the “Never Will Be Mine” music video. Pretty sure “Rye Rye” is just Fantasia with a giftcard to The Limited and a wig from Halloween Express. Robyn is awesome, jsyk. [Uproxx]

The Dilbert Guy Thinks Rape is Normal – That sums it up, really, the guy who draws Dilbert says rape is a normal male instinct, and uses jungle animals to make his point. Let me guess, the guy that does Marmaduke thinks women who dress like that are “asking for it”. [Comics Alliance]

The Muppets Parody of Green Lantern – Somebody should parody Green Lantern, because it is a festering pile of green CGI bullsh**. Everybody does the “Green Lantern is a third-rate hero anyway!” thing, but he isn’t, Hal Jordan is great, just not when he’s National Lampoon’s Hal Jordan. Also, pretty sad when the Muppets are 95% realer than anything in your $300 million blockbuster. [Gamma Squad]

Almost Historically Accurate Pop Culture Photoshops – Photoshopping Bill Murray circa Caddyshack into anything gets a link from me. IT’S IN THE HOLE. [Uproxx]