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06.23.11 7 Comments

Change the name of the team to the “Los Angeles Puffins of Anaheim”. F**k you, I watched that show.


With Leather & Draftstreet are Giving Away Money – In case you missed yesterday’s most important post (no, not the one about the Texas Rangers wearing sunglasses), we’re having another fantasy game on Friday, and this time everybody’s playing. Jump over to The Smoking Section and take Gotty’s™ word for it, then follow his link to Free Money On The Internet. [Smoking Section]

Biggie Smalls Lives Through a Lacrosse Announcer – While you’re there, make sure to watch this video of a guy who has heard the greatest hits of the Notorious B.I.G. and wants to tell you about it. I need to start podcasting so you guys can find out how many rap lyrics I know. (spoiler: a lot) [Smoking Section]

The Dugout: Old Man and The Sea – Best and Worst of Fake Underwear Fighting takes a lot of time to produce, so I’m thinking “Wednesday, Thursday, Friday” as the weekly Dugout schedule. Sound good? Comment on this and I’ll make it happen. [The Dugout]

Keyboard Warriors #3: The Ream – After you’ve satiated my need for instant, constant feedback, check out the only officially licensed branch of people ripping off The Dugout. Read it, then read any of the site’s comments sections for continued hilarity. [Cage Potato]

Not Sports

The Ten Worst Answers for Best Show on Television – I legitimately feel sorry for someone who thinks “Chuck” is the best show on television, bless their heart. There are a lot of good shows on television, but the very best one stars April motherf**king Ludgate. If she tried to rape meh, I would not fight back. [Warming Glow]

Futurama Returns Tonight – What’s On Tonight: one of my favorite shows of all time (because my favorite part of any Simpsons episode is the physics jokes) returns with new episodes. If it’s like any other season of Futurama, it will start off shifty, then get amazing. [Comedy Central]

Keanu Reeves Cashing In On Sad Keanu Meme – The quickest way to create your own Sad Keanu meme: watch Much Ado About Nothing. I appreciate a bad Keanu Reeves performance as much as the next guy, but holy sh** dude, what were you thinking? [Uproxx]

The Best of 60s Spider-Man Meme – Fun Fact: Though I wasn’t alive to watch it when it aired, the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon is one of the funniest things in history to me. I think it has something to do with him having no web lines on his chest, and how I’ve never done drugs, but the show makes me feel like I have. [Gamma Squad]

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