Morning Links: Cavs Vs. Cubs

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A few things, because this worked well on the wrestling post.

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Just in Case: The 2011-2012 NBA Schedule Released – Highlights include the Miami Heat being awarded the NBA Championship at the BEGINNING of the season, just to make sure, and “Cleveland Cavaliers” with quotes around it playing a Cub Scout rec-team in January. The Cub Scouts are going to kill them. [Smoking Section]

When Neck Still Mattered – Green Bay Packer Sam Shields decided to get a gigantic tattoo of his own Super Bowl ring on his neck. I think it’s a great idea. I won 2nd place in my 5th grade science fair and have had the ribbon tattooed on my neck since I was 11. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Duke Roufus Talks About Pat Barry and the Future of His Gym – Including this for three reasons: 1) we need more MMA coverage on this pro wrestling and Kate Upton website, 2) Maggie Hendricks is great, and 3) whenever somebody talks about the future of their gym I imagine them as Cutty Wise, standing in their doorway making bug-eyes at some petulant 14-year old who would rather shoot Snoop than box. [Cagewriter]

Why Can’t NBA Players Be Aerophobic? – An opinion piece about why NBA players playing overseas would be a bad thing. If I was an NBA player, my response to this would be “lol I’m rich, gonna go get a million dollars to play pick-up basketball for two months in Prague, smell ya later”. I wish I was an NBA player :( [Pineriders]

With Leather

The Best and Worst of Raw 7/18 – With over 100 comments and counting, I’m doing my very best to create and nurture a community of sane, level-headed wrestling fans who just want to enjoy their dumb show and not have to explain to to everyone, much less the other people who watch it. If you don’t like wrestling, click through and look at hot muscular girls in their underpants. [With Leather]

This is the Greatest Collection of Kate Upton Pictures You’ll Ever See – If you still haven’t clicked this, do it just to read the comments section, where a guy is convinced that Kate Upton, super hot magical woman Kate Upton, is a “chubber”. Hilarious. [With Leather]

In Case You’re Wondering, Michael Jordan Is Still Michael Jordan – One of the best comments we got for this story was a retweet that added “if you didn’t think 48-year old Michael Jordan couldn’t dunk, kill yourself”. Man, if I killed myself for every misconception I’ve felt I would’ve perished in the womb. [With Leather]

Chris Kluwe Is The Voice of Reason – The most controversial thing ever said by a punter (outside of With Leather) is now an online phenomenon, and Lockout or no we should spend the next five months watching NFL players compare dicks and lengths of piss on the Internet. [With Leather]

Not Sports

Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Leaks, Goes First Person POV – You know what would make Spider-Man better? Making it be exactly like Twilight. You know what would make the Twilight Spider-Man movie better? Making me play Mirror’s Edge for 20 minutes while it’s on. [Gamma Squad]

Call James Cameron, They’re Planning a Captain Planet Movie – Hopefully they’ll get the guy from Sugar Ray to play Captain Planet like I’ve been joking about since I found out what “Sugar Ray” was. Donald Glover with a flat-top as Kwame NEEDS TO HAPPEN. [Film Drunk]

Fun with the New Two and a Half Men Ads – To date, the only thing remotely resembling fun I’ve ever had with “Two and a Half Men”. [Warming Glow]

The 10 Most Bangable Celebrities on the Planet – I really hate the word “bangable”, but Alison Brie made the list so I’m sharing it. People who did not place, but should’ve: the girl from Paramore, the Chickbusters, the drugged-out 30-year old Taylor Momsen is pretending to be, Mia Tyler (no, seriously), Julie from “Growing Pains” (still), Aubrey Plaza (specifically in Funny People), Scarlett Johansson (all versions). [Pajiba]

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