Morning Links: A Contestant From The Bachelor Made A Cancer Joke About Yadier Molina

10.28.13 6 years ago 2 Comments

We know that the St. Louis Cardinals have baseball’s best fans, but ‘The Bachelor’ season 11 contestant Sarah Newlon is bringing Red Sox fans neck-and-neck with them. Here she is holding up a ‘Stand Up 2 Cancer’ sign with MOLINA written on it, because

1. Cahds suck bro, and
2. Cancer jokes?

Yadier Molina doesn’t have cancer, so the joke is that supporting loved ones who are battling cancer is about as sacred as Boston Strong. Really, the look on the face of the guy next to hear tells the tale. Look at his horrible smug laugh. He might as well be holding somebody’s hand on the beach in a GAP ad. (via Yardbarker)

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